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Michael Aichinger speaks in Tampere

by MathConsult Contao Admin

At the CMMP Autumn School: Basics of Electronic Structure Calculations (Tampere University of Technology, November 12-14, 2014), Michael Aichinger speaks on "Numerical challenges in electronic structure calculations and beyond". This is a joint work between Michael Aichinger, Eduardo Hernandez (ICMM-CSIC Madrid) Stefan Janecek, and Esa Räsänen (Tampere).

UnRisk FACTORY 5.2. released

by MathConsult Contao Admin

Version 5. 2. of the UnRisk FACTORY comes with further interaction possibilities between the Excel frontend of the UnRisk ENGINE and the FACTORY’s web services.  For more information, see www.unrisk.com

Ph.D. to Michael Liebrecht

by MathConsult Contao Admin

Michael Liebrecht has successfully (and with honors) defended his Ph.D. thesis “Van der Waals potentials between metal clusters and helium atoms obtained with density functional theory and linear response methods”.

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